Silton Hardware Limited is a hardware and construction business based in Kampala, Uganda. We deal in building, roofing, plumbing materials, general electrical supply, construction,  bulk transport services and slowly moving into hospitality industry.  We provide a range of hardware material supplies for all construction purposes, secure ware housing facility and bulk transport services to our clients across the country.

Headquartered at Bwebajja on Kampala-Entebbe Road, Silton Hardware Limited is a family owned company established in 2010. For over eight years Silton Hardware Limited has been trading successfully from its company owned extensive out lets/stores at Bwebajja on Kampala-Entebbe Road, Bwerenga and Garuga off Entebbe Road and now extending to Hoima Town. The driving force behind the company is Peter and Beatrice Kajula and is ably supported by a very knowledgeable sales team.

Our very well-earned reputation continues to spread and we now have dealings not only in Kampala-Entebbe Road area but throughout Kampala and many other parts of Uganda.